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23 Halali for the referee - Anton Stabentheiner

23 Halali for the referee -
A tribute to the nit-picking harsplitters
Anton Stabentheiner © 2006
Presented by: Lahna Tne and the SC-Monsters
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The contradictory title of this piece already describes the conflict
which is inherent to the relationship to our referees.

Somewhat laboured, as scientific papers often are, this piece begins.
The fundamental new findings are praised in the highest sounds of flutes.

Even before we have read only one referee comment, however, we sound the mort on them!
But it's no use crying, we have to bow to our fate.
Already the first cautious comments (in the form of a few 'plucky' guitar notes)
get the paper going.

As soon as the 'nit-picking hairsplitters' then really get going and tear the paper to shreds,
we are, after all, proud of 'our' brilliant phrasing.

* * * * *

Orchestra: Lahna Tne and the SC-Monsters
Anton Stabentheiner © 2006

Composed and produced with:
Capella & Vienna Symphonic Library,
Yamaha CP300, Cubase Studio 4

       Double bass
Alto flute
Acoustic guitar

The reeds and the trumpets got a day off today!

Wissenschaft & Kunst (Science & Art) - 23 Halali for the referee - Anton Stabentheiner © 2006

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