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Countdown for a Distant Journey - Anton Stabentheiner

Countdown for a Distant Journey
– Watching the 'PERSEVERANCE' Rover Assembly –
– for the NASA Mars Mission 2020 –
Anton Stabentheiner © 2020
Presented by: eLTon LenoT

Picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech/USGS © 1980

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We need distant goals!

It was a real pleasure to watch the live stream
of the Mars rover assembly
for the NASA Mars mission 2020!

* * * * *
The piece begins with the seconds countdown of the live stream –
in the clean room in California is still night and no activity.
Then, when the flutes chime in, activity becomes visible and work starts.
Step by step and piece by piece – but always at a measured pace –
the Mars rover is being assembled, and finally made ready for transport to Florida.


Orchestra: Lahna Tône and the SC-Monsters
Anton Stabentheiner © 2020

Composed and produced with:
Capella & Vienna Symphonic Library
Mars picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech/USGS © 1980

Special Edition: Flute1, Flute 2
Vienna Instruments PRO Player
Vienna Dimension Strings
Clarinet in Bb
MIRx Reverb: Mozartsaal

Vienna Vibraphone
Vienna Suite: Equalizer

Wissenschaft & Kunst (Science & Art) - Countdown for a Distant Journey - Anton Stabentheiner © 2020

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