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The Fire of Science - Anton Stabentheiner

The Fire of Science
- Bee Universal! - *
Anton Stabentheiner © 2019
Presented by: eLTon LenoT

Artwork: Anton Stabentheiner © 2019

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Think the incredible!

In this piece unconventional thinking is the principle:
It not only starts with FOURTH PARALLELS ( » uuuhhh... « ),
it contains hundreds of them!
For musicians addicted to ´Classical Thinking´ this is a ´no go´.
It turns out, however, that a certain dose of ´ignorance´
against others´ convictions
may be quite stimulating, and finally
- though sometimes only after a number of false trials -
opens new ways of thinking.

* * * * *
The picture shows a thermogram of a freezing honeybee colony
glowing through the University of Graz main building

For those interested in a deeper understanding of honeybee colony thermoregulatin and heat production follow the link to this paper (open access!): »» Honeybee colony thermoregulation »»


Orchestra: Lahna Tône and the SC-Monsters
Anton Stabentheiner © 2019

Composed and produced with:
Capella & Vienna Symphonic Library,
Yamaha CP300, Cubase Studio 4

Artwork: Anton Stabentheiner © 2019

       E-Piano: Yamaha CP300
Special Edition: Flute1, Flute 2
Vienna Instruments PRO Player
Vienna Dimension Strings
Clarinet in Bb
MIRx Reverb: Mozartsaal
Vienna Choir
Soprano Saxophone
Vienna Suite: Equalizer

Wissenschaft & Kunst (Science & Art) - The Fire of Science - Anton Stabentheiner © 2019

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