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The first contact - Anton Stabentheiner

The First Contact
– Imagine! – *
Anton Stabentheiner © 2016/2020
Presented by: eLTon LenoT

Artwork: A Master of Style © 2015

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At night,
a young scientist
alone in the control room of a radio telescope,
hanging in his chair with the headphones on,
for extraterrestrial signals,
struggling to stay awake...
a weak
but rhythmic signal
appears, fading in and out slowly,
but he is dozing off - not recognizing it first,
his subconcious generating
bewildering nightmares.
before he actually falls asleep,
the signal fading out
he wakes up,
readjusts the antenna,
hectically presses the record button,
and – finally – falls in an euphoric mood.

* * * * *
Dedicated to our astronomers!


Orchestra: Lahna Tône and the SC-Monsters
Anton Stabentheiner © 2020

Composed and produced with:
Capella & Vienna Symphonic Library
Artwork: A Master of Style © 2015
Text "Imagine!": Anton Stabentheiner © 2020

Special Edition: Flutes 1, 2, Alto
Vienna Instruments PRO Player
Vienna Dimension Strings
Organ, Clarinet in Bb
Yamaha CP300

Trumpet, Flügelhorn
Vienna Choir

Wissenschaft & Kunst (Science & Art) - The First Contact - Anton Stabentheiner © 2020

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