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ANTHROPOLIS - Henning Maier-Jantzen

Henning Maier-Jantzen © 2003
Cooperation: Anton Stabentheiner, Helmut Kovac, Scopium (Agentur für Bildmedien/Essen)
A video installation,
transmitting into the public space
from the glass front of a museum.
You see infrared recordings of ants, filmed
on their seemingly useless everyday journey
through their self-constructed conurbation.
They become a metaphoric structure,
oscillating between organic crowd,
technically produced picture,
and urban character.
The human traffic in the public space
multiplies this impression.
Realized at the Folkwang Museum in Essen.
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People involved/Genesis:

Idea and Realisation: Henning Maier-Jantzen
Realised at the Folkwang Museum in Essen

Henning Maier-Jantzen © 2003

Thermographic recordings of ants: Anton Stabentheiner & Helmut Kovac
in a terrible heat at the sports grounds of Kumberg near Graz, in Summer 2003
(Many thanks to the ants, too!)

Effects and video production: Henning Maier-Jantzen & Scopium (Agentur für Bildmedien/Essen)


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  Henning Maier-Jantzen and his longwave reflection
  (Anton Stabentheiner © 2003)

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Henning Maier-Jantzen looking through the thermographic recordings of ants in Graz
  (Anton Stabentheiner © 2003)

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The original installation at the Folkwang-Museum in Essen
  (Henning Maier-Jantzen © 2003)

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