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Rotations & Projections - Herbert W. Franke

R O T A T I O N S  -  P R O J E C T I O N S
Herbert W. Franke © 1975

Excerpt of 'Rotations, Projections'

Computer film for a dance performance of the "Experimental stage of the Bavarian State Opera",
after an idea of Walter Haupt.
Creation of the computer animation by Herbert W. Franke.

The basic idea of the ballet was the interaction between a dancer and the technical medium.
It was devided in three parts, using different technical methods for each of them:
laser beams, computer animations, and the acoustic amplification of the dancer's heartbeat.
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Genesis: Herbert W. Franke at the computer
Herbert W. Franke © 1975

For the computer animation I used the first system for interactive control of
three dimensional line network display available in Germany.
The system was restricted to black and white rendering, it was for test in a research laboratory of the Siemens company.

The possible picture elements were restricted to very simple configurations,
because otherwise the time for picture generation would have become too long, which would have disturbed the flow of movements.
The real-time picture sequences show fan-outs and superpositions of lines and geometric figures
- triangles, squares etc. - which were transformed to the three dimensions of space.

The generated sequences could not be stored online. Therefore they were recorded with a film camera directly
from the screen, and shown as an optical film projection at the performance.

The presented scene "Projektionen" is from a CD "Vom Rechenbrett zum Web-PC,
produced by the Target-Filmproduktion, Munich, on behalf of the Springer-Verlag Heidelberg.


Wissenschaft & Kunst (Science & Art)  - Rotations & Projections - Herbert W. Franke © 1975

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