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Waves of Excitement - Manfred Hartbauer

Manfred Hartbauer © 2007
With a comment by Anton Stabentheiner
The public reactions on
"Give Me Satisfaction" or "Nipplegate" -
everybody knows them, the waves of excitement
that rush across our community.

In this video of Manfred Hartbauer
you see waves of excitement
that propagate through a robot swarm
(as learned from a locust society).
A self appointing "initiator" cries loud "Chirp".
The next one answers with "Chirp!",
because this cannot be left uncommented -
and immediately a wave of excitement
propagates through the community.

Last but not least the whole thing falls flat
and all wait eagerly,
until a neighbour cries out in excitement again.
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People involved/Genesis:

Genesis: Manfred Hartbauer at the simulation computer
Manfred Hartbauer © 2007
Comment: Anton Stabentheiner.

Model calculation of the wave-like propagation of avtivity in a robot swarm:
the simulation uses a mathematical description of the propagation of excitement
as can be observed in locust societies of Mecopoda elongata
(chirp avtivity, not sound waves!).

  Virtual arena for a simulation of the propagation of excitement in robot swarms
  (Manfred Hartbauer © 2007)

Wissenschaft & Kunst (Science & Art)  - Waves of Excitement - Manfred Hartbauer © 2007

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