Loes Modderman - Nijmegen (Niederlande)

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Loes Modderman, Mikroskopische WissenschaftsKunst,
ist künstlerische Fotografin in Nijmegen in den Niederanden,
mit besonderem Interesse an mikroskopischer Kunst und Sanden aus der ganzen Welt.

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Ihr künstlerischer Lebenslauf:

I started photomicrography in 1995, when I discovered the beauty of
crystallised chemicals and shortly thereafter I started to collect sand,
and photograph that too.

Years of experimentation followed with all kinds of materials.
'Normal' things are intriguing under the microscope.
The artistic aspect of the pictures is my main objective.
I'm not a scientist, and I spent most of my life working in healthcare.
Color and shape are my passion.

The similarities between small and the big nature is striking and never ceases to amaze me.
There is not much needed to uncover the beauty of small things: anybody can.
Even a small microscope opens up worlds of possibilities.

Loes Modderman, Meijhorst 6246,
6537 LR Nijmegen, Niederlande.
Tel.: +31 (0)24 3444060
info@scienceart.nl    Homepage: Mikroskopische WissenschaftsKunst, Loes Modderman »»

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